A Red, Yellow, & Black Day: The World Mourns for Belgium

Far too often recently, this blog space has been saddened by tragic events the likes of which the world has never seen. With each occurrence, the disbelief in what we continue do to our fellow man only grows as our hearts continue to sink. Unfortunately, it has happened once again.

Worldwide and seemingly on the regular, destruction and needless loss of life is being inflicted on humans…by humans. In the most recent attack, 34 Belgians needlessly perished and over 150 others were injured in three separate bombings in the city of Brussels, Belgium.

The emotional and physical toll of the attacks will be long and arduous on the people of Brussels. The economic toll has already been swift, and is anticipated to continue to have global effects in ways yet unknown. Brussels serves as the de-facto capitol of the € monetary system, therefore any event or negative effect felt in Brussels will most certainly affect the entire European region, monetarily.

The lives of the Belgian people affected by this tragedy will be forever changed. But they’re not alone. Which sounds sad at first, but it doesn’t have to be. 
For it is the empathy and understanding of those in Paris and Boston, and the countless other unfortunate places that have seen similar terror that will bring healing and change for good. Parisians, Bostonians, and millions more around the world must now rally around their Belgian brethren. Because at the end of it all, we are all one brethren, one species, one people.

EcoSmart Designs joins millions – even billions – of people, organizations, and communities in mourning and condemning this inexplicable act. May the message of Peace, Unity, and Coexistence prevail. Now, and always, we stand beside those who have been affected by terror and mourn alongside them.

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