Anatomy Applications

The study of anatomy at the collegiate level just got a technological boost. In collaboration with the Stanford University of Medicine, the 3D4Medical series app allows for complex surgical anatomy identification on your phone.

The new app out this week includes complete, 3D anatomical renderings of the human hip, knee, shoulder, elbow and hand & wrist. 
When choosing the specific body part to be studied, the app first displays the skin level. Scissors on the left side of the iPhone screen allow for users to cut sagittal or axially (cross-section or down) to expose different anatomical levels in the body. These anatomical levels including skin, muscle, nerves, vessels, bone, and more can be overlaid on one another for understanding of anatomical interaction. Specific finger touches and swipes allow for removal and study of exact areas of the knee, elbow, hand, and more. A helpful guide to finger actions can be swiped from the right side of the screen in time of need.


The new app, along with a number of similar apps allowing surgical-level investigation on other parts of the human anatomy (such as the liver), would eliminate a previous hurdle to many aspiring surgeons – a severe lack of real-world practice. Prior to the development of 3D anatomical apps such as this one, actual human cadavers were needed to properly study the complexity of surgical medicine. Practicing human surgeons no longer need to travel to surgical sites to get real-world experience, and rather can now do so in their own homes or offices.

Here at EcoSmart Designs, we also have a new anatomy rendering, with over 50 anatomy jewelry designs that celebrates the beauty of the human body. Anatomically exact handmade jewelry designs of human body parts including – but not limited to - the heart, knee, lungs, bone, and even the liver, are proudly made in the USA at our facility in colorful Colorado. These handmade, pewter pendants and charms can be worn as a bracelet or necklace, or easily kept in a pocket.

In some ancient cultures, the practice of wearing an anatomical representation of a body part was believed to help heal that certain body part. This practice was known as ‘Milagros’. In the same way, EcoSmart Designs’ Anatomy Collection is a cure for what ails you. Take it from someone with a left handaround their neck for carpel tunnel.

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