Celtic Art: A Lesson in Staying Power

Celtic images and artwork relics can be traced back to nearly 500BC, but are still very popular to this day. With the use of intricate weaves, knots, and iconic, one-of-a-kind crosses, Celtic art has created a lasting popularity for the ages.  


Some of the most recognizable symbols of Celtic art come in the form of a 'Celtic Cross'. Typically made of stone, these ancient religious symbols feature a standing cross with an intersecting, concentric circle. Historically, crosses featuring four equally-sized arms accented with interwoven patterns represent the four directions - North, South, East, and West - combined with the representation of the four elements - Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind to create a complete Celtic Cross. Many ancient stone Celtic crosses still remain standing all across the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Their presence signifies a staying power unmatched by most other ancient artworks. Some of these monoliths have been supplanted in place for over 2500 years! Today, many of the most famous and intricate Celtic Crosses (like the one pictured above) have been scaled down to be worn as amulets adorning necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, but their symbolism to faith and longevity remain. 

Celtic artifact showcasing the interwoven nature of the Celtic Knot. 

An alternative form of Celtic art with equally surging modern popularity as the Celtic Cross is the Celtic Knot, also known as a mystic knot or endless knot. Intricate and complex weaves and repetitive patterns were first seen carved into rock faces, or adorning bowls, glassware, and other accessories of the ancient hierarchy.

Like the design itself, the popularity of the Celtic Knot is seemingly endless. This makes sense, considering the Celtic Knot is often considered a symbol of endlessness or eternity, as well as the timeless nature of the spirit. From life cycles to love, the Celtic Knot is often worn by those who wish to be reminded of the inter-connectivity of life.




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