Denver County Fair to Feature Kitten Pavilion

Courtesy: Floyd the Lion Facebook

In a move sure to send the internet into a tizzy, the Denver County Fair - set to begin this Saturday - will now feature a "Cat & Kitten Pavilion."

Yes, really.

The County Fair booth(s) will be graced by some of Instragram and Facebook's most famous Coloradoan feline freinds, including a two-faced cat and a little-bitty lion whose picture poses are quite popular. There will also be numerous cats and kittens available for adoption from a variety of pet adoption and rescue agencies. This is the first year the Denver County Fair will be hosting a cat and kitten pavilion. The idea may seem outlandish, but the Denver County Fair has been known to include pavilions for all types of enthusiasts, from cannabis to Klingons.

The main attractions of this year's feline foray are, not surprisingly, 'Internet famous.' Pictures and videos of the featured Kitten Pavilion cats have been liked and shared hundreds-of-thousands of times across the globe. The first featured feline is Venus the Two-Face Cat (right). The seemingly perfectly-straight line dividing this chimera cat's face in half-black and half-burnt orange has created quite the stir online. Experts nationwide are still stumped as to how the cat's colors are divide so perfectly...but they are! This amazing-looking housecat has over 1.3 MILLION followers on Facebook and over 1M on Instagram. That's one famous feline!

Not to be outdone by his multi-chromatic cat comrade, Colorado's most internet-famous housecat will also be featured at the Kitten Pavilion this weekend. Floyd the Lion boasts nearly 40K Instagram followers and nearly 2000 Facebook likes. His flowing golden locks and adventurous photo shoots have captivated the Centennial State. 

Get your picture taken with one of these famous felines and suddenly you could become internet famous, too!

Cats > Cannabis

The new attraction comes not without some drama - another passionate niche industry was booted and replaced by the feline frenzy. Apparently, Denver County Fair organizers were not feeling the positive vibes of the previous featured pavilion: The Pot Pavilion. Colorado was the first state in the United States to legalize cannabis for recreational use.

Naturally, the County Fair of Colorado's largest city was looking to feature the things that make their state great. It seems, however, that the internet stardom of the Venus the Two-Faced Cat and Floyd the Lion exceed the attraction effect of cannabis. The internet moves quickly, although only recreationally legalized in 2013, recreational cannabis culture is now old news. 

Time for a change! Out with the old, and in with the...cats. Some things are simply timeless. According to the interests of the internet and the Denver County Fair, cats are one such timeless entity. 

Don't miss out on the feline festivities and get your cat-loving self to the Denver County Fair this weekend! See you there!

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