Driving Dogs

A report from Jerry, the EcoSmart mascot


Hello, my human friends. 

One night when my friend, Ian, was working late he showed me a video on You Tube about three driving dogs in New Zealand. I was very impressed how my fellow furried creatures were able to train humans to give them treats just for performing a few simple tricks. And it was all for a good cause: to show that rescue dogs are just as smart as any dog….an obvious fact that some humans, somehow, aren’t smart enough to understand. 


Porter was a stray. Monty was given up by his owner.  Ginny was rescued from an abusive home. She was found locked in a bathroom and weighed just 12 kilos.  With some help from the SPCA, she quickly reached healthy 18 kilos. That’s 26.7 and almost 40 pounds, respectively, for those of you who are confused as I am that we all don’t use the metric system. I also think it is weird that in England they call money 'pounds'. Humans, they are so funny.

The dogs kept up the treat training for a good two months. At that time, it was time to reward the humans with a little drive. They seemed to enjoy it enormously.

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