Every Day is Prime Day at EcoSmart!

Every Day is Prime Day at EcoSmart!

Unlike its big brother Black Friday, you may not have heard of Amazon Prime Day. But take note. The now second-annual event put on by online retailing giant Amazon is predicted to overtake the after-Thanksgiving 'holiday' in terms of revenue sold in a 24 hour period. Don't get stuck on a page that won't load, or with sale items that are already out of stock. Enjoy prime-like FREE SHIPPING on EVERY ITEM and EVERY ORDER with EcoSmart Designs!

If, like many, you are not familiar with Prime Day, it goes a little something like this:

Amazon Prime is a yearly paid Amazon subscription that includes 2-day free shipping on thousands of items. Beginning last year on July 12th, the online retailer started offering free Amazon Prime trials for one month and exclusive one-day deals. The innagural Prime Day was laregely a success, although some were dissapointed in the selection of sale items. 

How BIG is Amazon? So big that in only one year of Prime Day existance, the online retailer is predicted to see revenue beyond that of Black Friday. While it's taken decades for the Black Friday event to take hold in American society, Prime Day has taken less than one year. A meteoric rise for an already stratospheric online giant.

Wait A Second...

If it feels like Prime Day is merely a PR stunt put on by Amazon to generate free advertising (by saying Prime over and over again)...it's because it is. There is no transcedental significance to the date Amazon picked for Prime Day, or the generation of Prime Day, itself. 

As a marekting ploy, Prime Day is genius. News media outlets, online competitors, and the general public are forced to utter 'Prime Day' when referencing the event, which only further reinforces the idea in our brains. Hats off to the Amazon marketing team for their innovation, but if you feel tricked, or dupped, may we suggest...

Visit EcoSmart, Where Every Day is 'Prime Day'!

Does FREE SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS and ALL PRODUCTS with NO MINIMUM every day of the year sound a bit more like it? Then we'd like to reintroduce ourselves: We're EcoSmart Designs, and free shipping on all of our 1000's of jewelry items with no minimums is what we do...Every. Single. Day. 

To find the product you're looking for, only to have it run out of stock, is heartbreaking. Don't put yourself through that! EcoSmart Designs has over 50 thematic catrogies with 1000's of unique, individual handmade jewelry products from the Animal Kingdom, to Zodiac amulets.

If you still cannot find the exact American made jewelry design your heart desires, EcoSmart Designs also offers contract and custom casting. Never get stuck without the product you really want, again, with EcoSmart Designs. 

Prime Day? More like Prime FOREVER. With EcoSmart Designs.


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