Happy Memorial Day from EcoSmart Designs!

EcoSmart Designs joins with millions of Americans in reflecting on the sacrifices of our service men and women.

We would like to say a heartfelt 'Thank You' to all of our active, off-duty, and retired military members and their families for all that they have done for this great country. 

As an American made jewelry company, EcoSmart Designs knows and truly appreciates that without the sacrifices of our service men and women, we would not be here, today. 

From Buckley Air Force Base just West of our home offices near Denver/Boulder, Colorado, to Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base and the Air Force Academy down South of us in Colorado Springs, EcoSmart Designs celebrates all of our service members on this Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is one day each year we, as a country, take the time to honor the sacrifice of our military memebers. EcoSmart Designs joins in that honoring by remaining 100% American made jewelry - forever! 

Our service men and women deserve to be honored on not only this Memorial Day, but every day they are sacrificing something so that we may live more free.

It is with the most heartfelt sincerity we say: Thank You!

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