Happy Mother's Day

Moms, today is your day! It's all about you today, and you deserve it! Whether you're a new mother, a grandmother, or even a doggie mother - to all mothers, Happy Mother's Day from EcoSmart Designs!

As long as there have been holidays, there has been a celebration of mothers in some form or another. The first official American "Mother's Day Holiday" was observed in 1914. Much of the creation of the first official Mother's Day is accredited to Anna Jarvis, daughter of Anna Reeves Jarvis. 

During the American Civil War, Reeves Jarvis started a unifying 'Mother's Day Work Club' to teach mothers how to properly care for their children. In a time of such division within the country, Reeves Jarvis' club was incredibly unifying, regularly seeing mothers from the North as well as the South learning together. In 1868 (3 years post-Civil War), Reeves Jarvis organized 'Mother's Friendship Day'. This time, Reeves Jarvis and mothers of both Union and Confederate soldiers came together to attempt to reconcile and unite.

Inspired by her mother's work, Anna Jarvis conceived what is now modern 'Mother's Day', a celebration of the sacrifices mothers make on a daily basis shortly after her death in 1905. The popularity of the event rose quickly, and in May, 1908 Jarvis organized the first Mother's Day event in Philadelphia with financial backing from local store owner John Wanamaker. By 1912, many states, cities, and towns had adopted Mother's Day as a local holiday. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed the official national observance of Mother's Day to be the second Sunday in May, and it is still that way today.

Because we can't thank mom, enough...THANK YOU MOMS and Happy Mother's Day from everyone here at EcoSmart Designs!



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