How to Help Those Affected by Hurricance Matthew

Right now in America, there are two major, yet drastically different issues on the minds of millions of American citizens. According to the traffic activity on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites in the last few days, Americans are tuned in and paying attention to two issues: The Presidential Race and Hurricane Matthew.

Not wishing to wade into the murky waters of American politics, our minds and hearts here at EcoSmart Designs turn to concern for those in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. 

According to many, the worst of the storm may be coming to a close, but Hurricane Matthew continues to affect millions of Americans. Winds in excess of 100 mph and flooding rains across Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas brought epic destruction to the region. The cleanup after Hurricane Matthew will take some time, leaving many without power or the ability to restock supplies for days or even weeks.

Hurricane Matthew Crushes Caribbean

The damage and destruction left behind by Hurricane Matthew is even worse in the Caribbean countries of Haiti, the Bahamas, and Cuba. The death toll in these poor Caribbean countries is in the hundreds and number of people displaced from their homes tallies in the thousands. A lack of modern air strips have hindered recovery efforts, but helicopter landings to remote townships have already begun. There are so many in need, and a little help can go a long way in such dire situations as this one.

Pets Protected

EcoSmart Designs has prided itself on using recycled materials, reducing the company's carbon footprint and protecting our colorful Colorado environment since day one. It's no wonder, then, that much concern has been raised around the office of the health, protection, and livelihood of our friends in the Animal Kingdom. Luckily, even before the storm surge made land fall, people all across the Eastern Seaboard were posting about protecting their pets. Alleviating the agony of enduring such an overpowering and destructive storm for our animal allies shines a light of hope and perseverance for all America to see.

While the fate of some furry friends was secure, the fate of wild animals affected by such an environmental catastrophe is still uncertain. Be sure to contact your local ASPCA for further details on how to help our wild animal population affected by Hurricane Matthew.

EcoSmart Designs stands with millions, keeping those affected by Hurricane Matthew still firmly in our thoughts and prayers. 

If you wish to donate to the victims of Hurricane Matthew both foreign and domestic, EcoSmart Designs provides information on the best ways to donate.

Click the banners or links below to be sent directly to the donation page of the reputable aid agency of your choice.



United Way

World Vision

For a complete list of how to contact aid agencies, click here.

-EcoSmart Designs

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