Jerry the Dog: EcoSmart Designs' Blogging Doggie

Hi! I'm Jerry the dog, the unofficial, official mascot of EcoSmart Designs! The silly humans here in the facility are getting all wrapped up in all the orders coming in, so I decided to take this one for the team and become a blogging doggie!

Today, I'll show you around the indoor dog park...I mean, facility here in colorful Colorado! There's lots going on, and I think most of it is pretty cool! I may not always be the best at sharing my toys, but when it comes to sharing a bit more about my job as the EcoSmart Designs masocot doggie, I love it! 

You know what else I love? Our brand new designer pet products! The humans say there's quite a few new ones coming out, but my personal favorite is the All About My Dog designs. My face is plated in pewter! Check out this and more in the coming weeks of my new blog spot for EcoSmart Designs!

Made in America

It's pretty great being the EcoSmart Designs doggie mascot. Since every part of the casting process is done at the facility in the back as well as having space for the office humans, I have tons of room to roam!

Most days I run, run, run as fast as I can between the two places. There's always something going on in the jewelry casting process back there, and it's imperative I know all goings on at all times! I don't worry about being back there, all our jewelry designs and products are eco friendly and made from recycled materials. Completely safe for humans and doggies, alike! Sometimes, other humans ask the EcoSmart Designs humans for a custom design. These are my favorite! They always come out so pretty and special, it gets me excited to run, run, run even more. Whether custom casting, or one of our 1000's of in-stock designs, all of our products are completely American made jewelry!

When I get tired from that, I hang out in the office space with the office humans and get belly rubs. I also alert the office humans to any stranger that may appear in the hallway outside the facility. Lately, the human named Jerry Downs (great name!) has been coming to see me at the facility. One day he even gave me my own glamour shoot! It includes the picture at the top of this blog. If you would like to see more of my glamour shoot (and who wouldn't?), check out the link at the bottom of the page. Jerry also has many, many other beautiful pictures on his website,! The humans and I are extatic Jerry will be working with us as a preferred partner. His photos are so incredible, even I can appreciate them, and I can't see color!

All About Me!

There's nothing better than receiving and unexpected gift. For the innagural blogging doggie blog, I thought I'd let you in on an exclusive look into some upcoming jewelry collections. I've been at this facility nearly every work day since I was born. I know it like the back of my hand, and I feel like EcoSmart Designs and I have grown up together. One of us still has lots of growing up to do (, but even though I'm still a puppy at heart, I know when something good is going on.

In recent months, the humans have started working on a collection of jewelry that is near and dear to my still young little heart. The All About My Dog collection will feature exact replica busts of some of the most beautiful dog breeds. Wheaton Terrier is, of course, featured alongside over 50 different doggies - because as the inspiration for the line, it better have me in it! 

All About My Dog is still in the pre-production stages, so stay tuned for more updates coming from yours turly! I'm so excited for this new line which is all about me...and other doggies too...that I will definitely be letting you know as soon as it is officially available.

Come back and see me (and my now weekly blog) next week!

Peace, love, and belly rubs.

- Jerry

Want to see more of me, Jerry the Dog? Click Here! Courtesy of Jerry Downs

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