Kenya, China Team Up for Total Ban of Ivory Trade

A Kenyan-Chinese political partnership is exceedingly rare, but when it occurs for a good cause the potential for action is nearly endless. Last week, the two nations came to a rare agreement on the dangers of the ivory trade from Kenya to China. 

According to the Kenyan Cabinet Secretary For Environment and Natural Resources, China and the African nation's policy makers will agree to stand firmly against any and all ivory trade between the two countries. The Chinese political influence on the issue is expected to bring education to a wider range of the world's population. An official kick-statement is expected to be made at the impending Convention on International Trade on Endangered Species (CITES) meeting in Johannesberg Sept. 24 to Oct. 5.

This action comes as a response to many conservationist movements in Kenya emploring policymakers to change existing laws to further protect endagered African Elephants in the region. The most key recommendations came from the conclusion of a two-day meeting known as Kwita Izina Conversation on Conservation 2016, held in Kigali on Tuesday.

“We conserve to sustain. Policies need to be translated into concrete actions or else wildlife faces a risk of extinction," - Michel Masozera, Country Program Director for Wildlife Conservation Society, Kwita Izina Conversation on Conservation 2016.

The push was soon reiterated from the UN Environment Program (UNEP) which sounded the alarm on Thursday regarding the continual decline of African Elephant populations. Deputy Executive Director of UNEP Ibrahim Thiaw cited economical as well as environmental dangers associated with the continued decline. In a census administered UNEP revealed that over 114 THOUSAND elephants were lost due to poaching in the 15 African countries surveyed over a seven year period. This represented a 30 PERCENT decline in elephant populations from the time period observed (2007 - 2014).

EcoSmart applauds the efforts of UNEP and the Kenyan and Chinese governments for their exuberance on this issue. All of the Earth's creatures should be afforded the opportunity of a long and healthy life. Poaching robs our precious animals of this right.

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