Leo | July 23 - August 22

LEO July 23 - August 22

As the astrological sign of Leo begins on July 23rd.  This is not just important for those bold individuals born under this noble sign. This phase of the astrological cycle also calls to the rest of us to embody the noble qualities of Leo.

Not everyone is a born leader, but we all must find the courage to lead even if it is one person. We all must, at one time or another, be able lead ourselves through our own personal difficulties.

Leo – The Lion concept expressed in life is "I Will." Their nature is Fixed Fire. Fixed signs are steady, stable, determined and resolute. Fire signs are enthusiastic and intuitive. Leo's focus is colored by the wearing of perennial rose-colored glasses, bestowing the ability to see life through a romantic lens, and then lovingly and generously sharing that view with all. Leo takes chances, big gambles, and believes that only this sign was born to lead the way, push them, or even chain them into a Leo vision in a big way, enlivening the mundane with drama, and in everything undertaken, Leo seeks and demands attention. All of it 

This, to many other signs, can appear to be selfish, even narcissistic. But, for all of us, we must have a measure of self-confidence. To be completely humble is to be isolated and creates a sense of worthlessness. Without a certain amount of selfishness we cannot create a world where we believe we have something to give. With a bit of Leo power, we can generously give of our possessions and ourselves.

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