Manufacturing Some Monday Motivation

The beginning of the week can be a real drag. For many of us, it takes a little something extra to get the ball rolling after an eventful weekend of not being at work. And we don't mean coffee, tea, or energy drinks.

A truly motivational landscape. Photo credit: Stormy forest via photopin (license)


It's no surprise, then, that an increasingly popular Twitter handle entitled 'Monday Motivation' is quickly gaining fame on the social media site. The Twitter page provides visitors motivational quotations in an effort to jump start their engine for a long week at work. Some are humorous, most are accompanied by a photo, and all are sure to create motivation, seemingly out of thin air.

The idea for Monday morning motivational quotes first began as a hashtag on Twitter. Due to a meteoric rise in tweets mentioning #mondaymotivation once the trend began, the trend was quickly converted to a full Twitter page. Now, visitors to the Monday Motivation page can read and be instantly pushed towards production not only by regular submissions from the page, itself, but also via a congregation of current Monday Motivation hashtags being mentioned by other Twitter users.

If what lights your fire cannot be contained in a single word, EcoSmart Designs also manufactures custom-casted pewter jewelry made in the USA. Similarly, the In the Now Zen, and Wisdom of China lines contain popular, multiple-word, Buddhist and Ancient Chinese motivational phrases. The frontside of the pewter pendants contains the phrase in the native language, with the English translation etched on the back.

The cult-classic movie Office Space first coined the phrase “A case of the Mondays,” a phrase needing no explanation to most folks. Now, thanks in-part to the Twitter hashtag and subsequent full page as well as EcoSmart Designs' numerous motivational word and phrase pewter jewelry charm choices, the epidemic of “the Mondays” is quickly being diminished. Never go without motivation, again! Get out there and find what gets you going with #mondaymotivation and EcoSmart Designs.

Feature photo credit: Don't give up. The best is yet to come! via photopin (license)

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