Woman Learns Instant Karma After Sneaking into Tiger Cage


Thanks to the constant efforts of animal conservationists around the world, we are graciously afforded the opportunity to have exotic animals in our backyard zoos, aquariums, and sanctuaries.

Just because many animals have lived in captivity for most or all of their lives does not mean they are in any way ‘tame’. Something 33-year old Jacqueline Eide of Omaha learned the hard way when she met 18-year old Malaysian tiger, Mai.

Eide somehow managed to sneak into the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha before opening hours over the weekend. According to a police statement gathered later, Eide was intent on ‘petting a tiger’. When she came to the tiger cage containing the elder tiger, Mai, Eide proceeded to stick her hand through the cage in an attempt to pet the wild cat. Appropriately, it is believed survival instincts then kicked in and Mai bit the invading human hand, causing severe trauma.

A friend of Edie’s ushered her to the hospital following the event, after which hospital authorities alerted the Omaha Police Department about a disturbance with a patient who had a hand injury. Omaha Police charged Edie with criminal trespassing, and because of her aggressive nature towards officers it is believed she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Circling back to Mai, the tiger in question, Henry Doorly Zoo authorities have indicated no action will be taken against the tiger.

“Thank you, everyone, for your concerns about Mai, our Malayan tiger. Mai will remain on display as normal and go about life as usual. No action will be taken against her,” the zoo said in a statement on Sunday evening.

When digging deeper into Mai’s history, it’s no wonder HDZ wishes to keep the tiger around and to alleviate him of any wrongdoing. Mai was first brought into captivity after a poacher’s trap ensnared her back leg. Veterinarians were able to free the tiger, but had to amputate her leg to do so. Mai has sense successfully reared 3 litters of pups and has lived into her ‘elder’ years.

Mai faced another challenge over the weekend, and once again came out on top. Meanwhile, Mai’s challenger Jacqueline Edie has quickly learned the power of instant karma. Remember, when the signs say ‘Don’t Touch” …DON’T TOUCH!

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Blog photo credit: imprisoned via photopin (license)

Feature photo credit: Tiger Couple via photopin (license)

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