Golden Doodle Carabiner Keychain



All the drive, love, and loyalty of a Golden Retriever – without all the shedding. A spectacular coat that’s hypoallergenic – without all the Poodle behavioral issues in the mind behind it. That’s what you get with a Golden Doodle! An ideal dog for active owners with allergies, this breed has everything you need. Their gorgeous, curly, and fluffy coats are hypoallergenic – which means no shedding (and no sneezing). Like their Golden grandparents, there is no time quite like ball time. Fetch is an absolute favorite for these furry friends. Be sure to groom and trim their coats every few months, with all that fetch they can get pretty dusty!

Dimensions: 1.9" x 1.2"

Material: Lead-Free SafePewter™