Good Luck Frog



Frogs are a strong good luck symbol. For many centuries, the Frog has been a symbol of abundance, partly due to the large number of eggs it lays at one time. The Frog is also considered an emblem of Yin energy. Feng Shui practices recommend putting an image of a Frog in the east window of your home to encourage childbirth and/or a happy family life. Frogs are also believed to be good luck for travelers. Images or charms were worn during long voyages to assure safety (particularly across water). This Spiritual Image by EcoSmart Designs is Handmade in the USA and created using SafePewter™ and finished in a fine antique silver color. Comes on a 36" recycled cord with an individual descriptive story backer card.

Material: Lead-Free SafePewter™

Finish: Bright Polished